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At BigPixel our expertise is in listening and learning, listening to understand your brand values and mission, learning about your exact needs and requirements - how you wish to be perceived by your customers, how you would like to motivate them to purchase your products, how you would like to personalise their experience with your brand. We then develop the ideas and innovation, the design and build, the media and marketing to deliver your desires and objectives, so you can enjoy the rewards

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About Us

About Us

BigPixel specialises in providing a commercial and media bridge between the corporate industry and its target end users. At BigPixel, we focus in identifying the dynamics of your brand identity, expressing and rejuvenating them in to new media strategy’s, branded in world class design and powered by interactive technology.

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We thrive on variety and a challenge, and the one thing that unites our clients, is their need for accurate niche targeting. Our experience spans many different and diverse industries, as well as every possible media discipline. Having played an active part in monitoring the evolutions of technologies, BigPixel understand how effective it can be, providing an exciting way to promote your product.

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We can get involved at various levels

In the rapidly changing and crowded digital marketplace you need the attention of specialists and the application of dedicated resources. While BigPixel offers many different specialist services, we are essentially here to help clients understand and exploit their full marketing potential in the digital space

Our team

Our team

At BigPixel we’re real people, dedicated to the future of your business. We understand the goals of our clients. We utilise the skills and expertise of country specific suppliers, thus reducing cost and language barriers

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